The African Child Agenda

Who are we?

With our mother company The Black Child Agenda in the UK, we have always known we need to expand our reach and service base. Tackling the Schools to Prison Pipeline, does not need to be limited to the UK where our children live in a hostile enviornment. Racism is at an all time high, children and young people are showing signs of mental health on a wider scale since the lockdown. 

We offer an altrnative in real time, and The African Child Agenda is it. 


Educating our young people to be the best they can be is paramount to the success of any community. With this, we have traveled to Ghana to do on the ground research of the needs of local communities, as well as finding way's how we can incorporate, those in the diaspora within the enviroment.

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summer camp
The African Child Agenda
The African Child Agenda

TACA offers outstanding residential childcare, with a vast range of activities - all in a safe, friendly and cosey environment right here in Ghana, children and young people will be shown local culture & customs, go to the sea, and have BBQ's on the beach. 

What better place to be, getting to know onself and refresh their energy. To find out more about our 2022 program email us via


TACA offers multi-activities from 7 – 17 years old. Children and teens spend between one & six weeks of their summer holidays at TACA.
Staying in beautiful grounds, your child will enjoy a range of adventurous, & stimulating activities.

Research shows summer learning loss is real, and children can lose skills gained during the year. With the global pandemic and lockdown children have been in their homes and the mental health impact is still being measured globally. Summer camp helps children build new skills and have access to freedom, and new friendship circles.